bride getting ready
Mom and bride getting ready

Wedding Day Tips
Here are some wedding day tips for you based on experience! There is a lot going on during your wedding day and a little planning up front goes a long way to pulling it off and giving you piece of mind! We will continue to add tips and suggestions as we encounter new opportunities!
Richard and Vanessa Ruperto,
  • Be Prepared!
    Assign one of your bride's maids to bring the following emergency pack:
    • needle and thread (black, white and whatever color the brides maids dresses are)
    • safety pins, pushpins
    • tide pen
    • white duck tape
    • lint roller
    • aspirin
    • Band-Aids for paper cuts or blisters
    • Neosporin to go
    • breath mints
    • chapstick
    • travel pack tissues
    • static cling spray
    • hair brush
    • hair pins, clips
    • extra panty hose / clear nail polish
    • mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste
    • deodorant or antiperspirant
    While you are at it, pack a small bag for your groom too! Guys are much easier and need less stuff:
    • black duck tape
    • comb
    • cologne
    • mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste
    • deodorant or antiperspirant
    • razor
    • aspirin

  • Make Up!
    If you are doing your own make up, have a dry run or two. Get someone to take a few pictures so you can see what you will look like! Your photographer might do this for you at a planning session or as a favor. Have a separate makeup bag with everything you will need and use. Consider another smaller bag with samples of the same makeup to keep close by during the day. Donít forget your favorite perfume! Waterproof eye makeup and long lasting lipstick are always a good idea for weddings.

  • Become a Producer!
    The image on the left here is a mother and young bride going over the details of the day. You can see they kept hard copies of all the details in one three ring binder for easy access! Your wedding is a major production and requires planning. Make a detailed schedule of time, places, names, vendors, sequence of reception events, music, etc... Your wedding planner if you have one can help with this. If not, your photographer and or DJ should also be able to help you here if you are using a professional. They have done this a few times before!

  • Plan!
    Sometime before the wedding day, perhaps at your rehearsal dinner, give everyone in your wedding party a printed schedule of the entire dayís events. Include times and locations if possible.

  • Photo Checklist!
    If your photographer does not provide one, make your own or download one from RVR PHOTOGRAPHY here. When considering group shots, try to get the big group shots first, grand parents, parents and small children first.

  • Delegate!
    If a wedding coordinator is not in your budget ask one of your friends that is not in the wedding party to assist you with gathering the wedding party and family members throughout the day as needed. This will come in handy during the photo session and make that go quickly! This person should also be given a gift for taking on the responsibility. You might also have this person be in charge of any emergency kits, make up and spot checking your makeup during the day.

  • Flowers!
    When ordering your flowers ask your florist for approximate dimensions of you bouquets and arrangements to ensure you know exactly what youíre getting. Ensure your florist delivers all of your flowers early prior to the time that pictures are scheduled to begin.

  • Team Work!
    Ensure your photographer and DJ are prepared to work very closely during the ceremony and or reception. Your photographer should be willing to let the DJ know anytime a batteries or cards need to be changed in their cameras to ensure they donít miss any important shots.

  • Touch Base!
    A week or two before the wedding, review your vendor contracts and give them each a call. Go over details like delivery times, locations, expectations and details.

  • Trust the Pros!
    While friends and family mean well, we suggest leaving photography, DJ services, floral arrangements, catering, bar-tending and other major items to the professionals. Vendors should provide a contract that contractually binds them to provide you a service and offer recourse in the rare event you are not satisfied. If your vendor does not offer a contract, consider someone else.

  • Stay Healthy!
    Eat a good breakfast and snack during the day. Drink plenty of water and try to wait until the reception before consuming too much spirits! Order a snack tray to have available while you are getting ready as well as between your ceremony and reception.
    If you or your groom are on any medications, be sure to have them close by or in your emergency kit!

  • Have Your Cake!
    We have actually seen cakes tip and fall. Does your cake caterer provide an emergency replacement?

  • Relax!
    If you have done all the above tips and suggestions, then you have done everything you can do. Donít sweat the details on your special day, most people wonít notice small things that were missed and there is no reason for you to worry about it.
    This is your special day and you are all that matters! Well, you and your lucky groom!

  • We would love to add your Tips or Suggestions here if they are not listed! Send us an email to